Online Course RA-I Meteorological Satellite Applications 2019

Online Course RA-I Meteorological Satellite Applications 2019

5 August – 6 September, 2019
Registration Deadline: 21 June, 2019

The objective of the online course is to optimize the use of data from meteorological satellites and to increase the knowledge and skills of meteorological trainers, contributing to improve forecasting and subsequently deployed so that they are able to apply their competence from this course.

The systems and features that are addressed in this course include ITCZ, anticyclones, tropical lows, convective systems, dust storms and fog and low clouds. The course only addresses system/feature identification in satellite imagery, it does not cover forecasting.

Target audience: Instructors in satellite meteorology, operational forecasters or experienced satellite data users, with the ability to pass on skills acquired at the course to other operational staff.

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Madalina Ungur

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