New African meteorological simulators

New African meteorological simulators

The Institute of Meteorological Training and Research in Nairobi (Kenya) has developed several meteorological simulators for online and classroom use.

These simulator exercises cover various parts of Africa and various meteorological situations to allow you to practice forecasting. Going through the simulator exercise will give you an opportunity to work through the case as if you were in an actual forecasting shift. You will see the data flow in as in real life, however the wall clock will run considerably faster than in real life. You will get acquainted with the situation through material before starting the exercise, and along the shift, prepare a simple forecast. At the end of the exercise, you can see how your forecasts verify.

If you are a meteorological trainer, we invite you to use these exercises as a part of your instruction. The exercises only require a web browser, and if you have a stable Internet, you can use the online version. If you want to ensure smooth performance and have an unstable connection, we recommend downloading the zipped versions and running them locally.

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These simulators have been developed using the Meteorological Simulator creator developed by EUMETSAT. The tool is free to use for preparing your own simulations.

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